Using E-Books and E-Journals

Please be aware of the following conditions when using the UTSA Libraries' electronic resources. Your understanding of and compliance with these conditions is essential to ensuring the legal and ethical use of these resources.

  • Due to licensing restrictions required by the publishers who produce electronic resources, access to the resources that the UTSA Libraries subscribe to is limited to authorized users.
  • Authorized users constitute currently enrolled students and currently employed staff and faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio, and in many instances, walk-in patrons to the UTSA Libraries.
  • Authorized users may use the Libraries' electronic resources solely for scholarly, research, or educational purposes.
  • Off-campus access to electronic resources is limited only to authorized users who are currently enrolled students and currently employed staff and faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Anyone who is not a UTSA student, faculty, or staff member is not permitted off-campus or remote access to the Libraries' electronic resources.
  • Non-enrolled students, including master's and PhD students, do not have off-campus access to electronic resources. Please see the UTSA Graduate Catalog for more information about enrollment requirements for use of university resources.
  • Incoming faculty members and students working to finish "incomplete" grades may contact us for more information about off-campus access to electronic resources.
  • The UTSA Libraries are required by electronic resource publishers to restrict access to authorized users by verifying usernames and identification numbers, through use of passwords, or by restricting access to IP (internet protocol) addresses on the UTSA campus. If access is restricted, you will be asked to enter your myUTSA ID and passphrase when you attempt to connect to the electronic resource.
  • Giving unauthorized users access to computers, usernames, identification numbers, or passwords is a violation of the publisher-library agreement and may result in disciplinary or legal action.
  • It is prohibited to make print or electronic copies of materials accessed via electronic resources for redistribution to non-subscribers or non-subscribing institutions.
  • The downloading of entire journal issues or complete journal volumes in a systematic fashion is strictly prohibited.
  • Furthermore, attempts to download the entire database are also prohibited by the license agreement between the publishers of these resources and the University.
  • The Library’s Databases webpage and the Library website in general provide access to materials, licensed or otherwise, for which the copyright is held by owners other than the University of Texas at San Antonio. Use of these materials and resources is restricted by applicable license agreements and copyright law.
  • In adherence to the policies outlined in Section 8.12, Information Resources Use and Security Policy in the University Handbook of Operating Procedures, and to the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, The University of Texas at San Antonio reserves the right to terminate computing services of users who repeatedly infringe upon the rights of copyright owners.
  • Individual publishers may monitor web activity. Violation of terms of the license agreement could result in cancelation of the service for the entire University.

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