Theses & Dissertations

A Guide for Graduate Students 

The UTSA Libraries is pleased to preserve the theses and dissertations of UTSA's graduate students, helping to ensure they are accessible to future generations of scholars.

The UTSA Libraries receives two unbound copies of your thesis or dissertation from The Graduate School. We will bind these two official paper copies, and will pay for the cost of the binding.  

Once bound, the copies will be cataloged and added to the UTSA Libraries' collections. One copy will be added to the circulating collection and the other will go into Special Collections.  

Please visit the The Graduate School website for the official guidelines on submitting your graduate document. Be sure to consult with your department and The Graduate School about formatting and citing style for your dissertation or thesis.

To find a submitted thesis or dissertation, use the UTSA Libraries' catalog.  

More information on finding dissertations and theses