Strategic Plan

To be the model for a new breed of 21st century academic library focused on providing students and faculty with seamless and comprehensive access to information as well as spaces for active learning, teaching and interdisciplinary scholarship, thereby fueling UTSA’s ascent to national research university status.

2015 Strategic Outcomes and Strategies

Outcome 1 > Students and faculty get what they need, when they need it.

Strategy 1.1 Create an integrated and unified way for users to successfully find information, services and expertise.
Strategy 1.2 Improve quality and consistency of reference service.
Strategy 1.3 Develop an infrastructure to maintain high-use physical items in appropriate locations.
Strategy 1.4 Provide spaces that are usable and comfortable.

Outcome 2 > Students can find, evaluate and use information effectively.

Strategy 2.1 Improve our capacity to support general student learning outcomes through pilot programs and in-house training.
Strategy 2.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of instructional materials.

Outcome 3 > We have resources to support teaching and research that are appropriate for a top tier research university.

Strategy 3.1 Increase visibility and use of our Special Collections.
Strategy 3.2 Cultivate and steward library donors and friends.

Outcome 4 >  New knowledge is created, shared and applied.

Strategy 4.1 Collaborate with faculty, students and campus partners to create high-quality intellectual content.
Strategy 4.2 Develop high-quality, interactive online exhibits for students and the general public.

Outcome 5 >  Faculty will succeed in teaching, research and service.

Strategy 5.1 Centralize faculty development content, services and expertise for ease of access.
Strategy 5.2 Raise awareness among UTSA faculty of library collections.
Strategy 5.3 Develop a strategy and priorities for serving customers in the virtual environment.

Outcome 6 >  The overall quality of teaching and research at UTSA improves.

Strategy 6.1 Collaborate with faculty and other campus partners to develop workshops.

The UTSA Libraries Strategic Plan supports and reflects the initiatives outlined in UTSA 2016: A Shared Vision.