Donating to the University Archives

As our faculty and staff turn to retirement and students graduate, please help us preserve the University's traditions by documenting the institutional memory of UTSA. If you or someone you know was a part of the University community through administration, colleges, departments, institutes, centers, organizations, or involved with student life, please contact the University Archives if you have collected materials to donate.

More Information

Personal Papers of Faculty

Do your records document your teaching, research, and/or service to the University? Information for current and retired UTSA faculty, including a list of types of records of faculty the University Archives collects.

Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Organizations

The University Archives collects, preserves, describes, exhibits, and make available to students, faculty, staff, and researchers materials that record the activities of the faculty, staff, and alumni. This page contains information about the types of organizational records we collect.

Student Organizations

Does your organization -- registered or "unofficial" -- keep records? Are they being safely preserved? The University Archives is committed to documenting the history and development of our university, and we look to student organizations to document student life at UTSA.

Contact Us

If you are interested in helping the University Archives grow through a donation of records, personal papers, memorabilia, or other materials, please contact the University Archivist.

If you are interested in supporting University Archives programs through a monetary donation, please contact the Head of Special Collections.

Things to Know About Donating to University Archives

Please use the links below for general information about donating materials from the Society of American Archivists.