Donating Records to the Archives

"The Fastest Little Cookbook in Texas." UTSA Women's Club, UA 3.05.

Information for Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Organizations

The University Archives collects, preserves, describes, exhibits, and make available to students, faculty, staff, and researchers materials that record the activities of the faculty, staff, and alumni.

Types of Materials that the University Archives Collects

  • Publications
    • newsletters
    • journals
    • books by or about the organization
    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • posters
    • programs
    • brochures
    • e-newsletters
    • Web pages
  • Charter and by-laws
  • Mission statement
  • Meeting minutes or reports of meetings and committees
  • Correspondence (paper and email)
  • Lists of officers and members
  • Annual reports
  • Budgets and financial audit reports
  • Scores and plays commissioned, written, or edited by the organization
  • Photographs and drawings or other original artwork
  • Scrapbooks
  • Audio and video recordings of performances or events

Materials that the University Archives Generally Does Not Collect

  • Ephemeral financial records
    • bank statements
    • invoices
    • cancelled checks
    • receipts
  • Drafts and galleys of published works
  • Copies of sheet music or plays not specifically commissioned, written, or edited for the organization
  • Reference libraries (books collected by the organization but not by or about the organization)
  • Trophies or plaques
  • Blank stationery or office supplies

What happens to the records once they're at the Archives?

When materials arrive at the Archives, they will receive any necessary preservation treatments and be housed in appropriate archival storage containers. Kept in a secured environment, they will be inventoried and made available for research. In some cases, materials will be featured in exhibits, both physical and online. Please contact the Archives if you have any questions about accessing records at the Archives.
We have records to donate!

If you would like to discuss donating your organization's records to the University Archives, please contact the University Archivist.

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