SAVE Symposium - Vaccine Antigen Discovery and Vaccine-Induced Immunity

San Antonio Vaccine Development Center

Fri November 15

8:00am - 5:00pm  |  University Center 1.104 & 1.106  |  Ballrooms 1 & 2

Complimentary lunch for registrants

2nd Annual Conference of the San Antonio Vaccine Development Center. Research faculty members will be given the opportunity to share their vaccine antigen discovery and vaccine-induced immunity research results. Abstracts will be selected for oral and/or poster presentations.

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Keynote speeches by National Academy Members

Workshop Instructor Photo

Dr. Rafi Ahmed

Emory Vaccine Center at Emory University

Keynote speech: "Immunological Memory to Viruses"

Workshop Instructor Photo

Dr. Scott Hultgren

Washington University School of Medicine

Keynote speech: "Molecular Snapshots of Pilus Biogensis and UTI Pathogensis: Blueprint for Therapeutics"