About Library Quick Search

UTSA Libraries are proud to offer a simplified tool for searching library resources. Using a service called Summon™, you can enter any term you want into the Quick Search box and quickly get results in one relevancy ranked-list.

What are the advantages to using Quick Search?

  • It's fast, easy and familiar — some might call it a "Google-like" search experience.
  • It pulls information from a variety of sources — books, journal articles, newspapers — all from a single search.
  • It provides you with several ways to narrow your search results.
  • You can even perform a Quick Search from your mobile phone.
  • Ready to go to the next level? See our advanced search tips.

Some things you'll want to consider when using the Quick Search

  • Quick Search is terrific for broad, initial searches, but it's not totally comprehensive. To get a more complete look at the resources available on your topic, you may also want to search on Google Scholar and the library's catalog (UCAT).
  • If you are doing higher-level research in a particular discipline, you will also want to search relevant subject-specific databases.

UTSA Libraries are currently running Summon in Beta mode, so improvements are ongoing. Your feedback is important to us. If you see anything you like or dislike about Summon, or would like to report a problem, click on the "Feedback" link in the top right corner of any search results page.