How to Cite a Book in APA Style

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This short presentation breaks down the simple book citation in APA style and demonstrates how to use these parts to write a book citation.

The parts of a book citation are:
* The author's last name a coma
* The author's first and middle initials and a period
* Next the year of publication in parentheses and a period
* Then the title of the book in italics and a period
* Next, the place of publication and a colon
* And last the name of the publisher and a period

You can find all of this information on the front and back of the title page near the front of the book.

You can also find this information online using websites such as the UTSA Libraries catalog, or Goggle books

With the information from either the book itself of the online record you can use the basic citation format to write a citation or this book.

This is just one example of a book citation there are different rules for differences such as books with more than one author, books with editors instead of authors or books that are in translation or other differences.

You can find more examples of APA format online. Use the links tab to see some recommended sites.

The publication manual for the American psychological association is the only source for the APA style guidelines. There are copies available in the library.