How to Cite a Website in APA Style

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This short presentation breaks down the parts of a simple website citation in APA style and demonstrates how to use these parts to write a website citation.

There are many different APA guidelines for many kinds of documents found online including articles, blogs, podcasts, wikis and forum posts. This basic format is for websites that don’t fall into these categories or sites that can be cited like a book or like an article. So here is the basic format for citing a website.


First put the author's last name a coma
And the author's first and middle initials
Then put the publication date in parenthesis followed by a period
Use the abbreviation ND or no date if the publication date is not available
Next list the title of the website in italics followed by a period
Last type retrieved from followed by the complete web address... put no punctuation after the web address

For example: the citation for a website might look something like this:
And this is just one example of a website citation.
There are special rules for different types of websites

You can find more examples of APA style online. Use the links tab to see some recommended sites.

The publication manual for the American psychological association is the only source for the APA style guidelines. There are copies available in the library.