Familiarize Yourself with Plagiarism

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DJ: I see you are writing your research paper, you might need this.

Greg: Why would I need that?

DJ: So you will learn how to cite correct and not be accused of plagiarism.

Greg: nahhh I can't be held responsible for plagiarism if I don't know what I am doing. So what I don't know won't hurt. You can have that.


Greg: Control-C and Control- V. I'm finished. That wasn't too bad.

DJ: So you are done with your research paper already?

Greg: Sure am. Google is my best friend. You know you can find anyone's paper on line. You just copy and paste and change your name at the title and you are done. Wallahhh.


DJ: Hey Greg. I see you have your Thesaurus out. You decided to write it correctly huh?

Greg: Well kind of. I heard someone say at the Rec Center that it isn't plagiarism if you change at least three words out of every sentence. So I figured a few synonyms here and there won't hurt. So, yeah, I'm as good as done with my paper.