UTSA Libraries Glimpse: An insider's look for friends of the UTSA Libraries

Issue #2

The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections continues to hold true to its mission to preserve and make accessible the legacies of San Antonio and South Texas.

Within the last two years, there have been almost 2,600 visits to its reading rooms and 80 million visits to its digital collections — offering local, national and international scholars and researchers important resources in their work.

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Libraries Launch Blue Crew Campaign to Better Assist Students

More students turned to The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries for help with research, writing projects and other class assignments this semester than in recent years.


Libraries Student Worker Defeats All Odds

Lora Tompkins wasn't supposed to run a mile in first grade. She wasn't supposed to graduate this month from The University of Texas at San Antonio, and certainly wasn't supposed to be a student worker with the Libraries Special Collections.


Donation Spotlight: Karen Gould’s books find new life at UTSA

Folded in the hundreds of thousands of books on the third floor of the John Peace Library is a collection of art history books with a history of their own.


Overheard at the Library

Hello UTSA_Libraries! Home sweet home. Time to feed my brain.
As seen on Twitter, May 6