UTSA Libraries Offer Survey to Determine the Needs of Students, Faculty and Staff

Apr 13, 2012

By Stephanie Sanchez, Communications Specialist

For senior JoAnna McCulley, the UTSA Libraries are an important part of her college education.

She studies between 10 and 20 hours a week at the John Peace Library and also interns there. She says she is a successful student because she’s able to focus on school work in the library.

But if there was one thing she could change about the JPL, it would be to add more open study spaces.

Through April 18, McCulley and the entire UTSA community will be able to share their thoughts about the Libraries in a five-minute, eight question survey. The questionnaire will be sent to students, faculty and staff.

The Association of Research Libraries developed the survey, and more than 1,000 libraries nationwide have participated. Everyone who takes it will remain anonymous. At the end of the survey, students will be given an option to enter to win an iPad.

“This library survey is an important tool to get the UTSA community’s perspective on how the UTSA Libraries are doing,” said Dean of Libraries Dr. Krisellen Maloney. “We take the results of the survey very seriously, and make sure our Libraries continue to evolve to meet the growing needs of our students, faculty and staff.”

The survey is offered every two years.

Through the survey, students in 2010 expressed frustration with the amount of noise in the libraries. As a result, renovations were made to add a quiet study room on the second floor of the JPL, said Jan Kemp, Assistant Dean for Public Services at the UTSA Libraries.

Results of the survey allow us to measure how well we are meeting our users’ expectations, and we use the data to see how we’re doing over time, she said.

“We continually want to make the libraries better. We want them to be as helpful to students as possible,” Kemp said. “A really important part of a student’s college education is to have a good library that meets their needs. It gives them a place to study, concentrate, and helps them when they have library research assignments – or any information needs. That’s why we’re here.”

McCulley, an English student, said for the UTSA Libraries to have a survey asking about her wants and needs, shows a “we care kind of attitude.”

“If (the Libraries) are helping us by providing services, it makes sense to provide a survey which lets them see what our needs are,” she said. “I think the library wouldn’t be successful with the amount of students it helps if the survey wasn’t conducted.”

Take the survey at lib.utsa.edu/survey.