Independent Proxy Researchers

Due to staffing constraints, the Special Collections' staff are not able to provide in-depth research services as part of its reference function. Only simple, ready reference queries can be addressed via correspondence and telephone.

The proxy researchers listed below have requested that their names be given to people who are unable to visit the Special Collections in person to conduct extensive research. Inclusion within this list does not imply endorsement by the University of Texas at San Antonio Special Collections, nor does it assume responsibility for arrangements made with these researchers. Special Collections will not recommend researchers. Please contact these researchers directly concerning fees and arrangements.

Researcher Contact Informormation

Susan Burneson
(512) 459-9613

History and genealogy research in Austin and San Antonio repositories. Travel available. Thirty years of experience as a researcher, writer, editor, and publications designer. Client list includes historical societies, historians, authors, lawyers, private investigators, and individuals. Other services available include oral history interviews, family and community histories, and digital imaging.

Katherine L. O'Brien
Photo Editing & Research Visual Researcher
206 San Marcos
Buda, Texas 78610
Tel/fax. (512) 295-6802

Has experience as a contract researcher (audio-visual)

Kristin L. Ware
P. O. Box 49302
107 Kerry Brook Dr
Converse, TX 78109

A Washington, D. C. Metro area native, Kristin received her B. A. in Art History with a double minor in Classical Studies and Mediterranean Art and Archaeology from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. In 2009, she graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with an M. A. in Art History. She is an experienced researcher, familiar with historical as well as genealogical investigations. Kristin is also adept at both online and archival research, having worked at a variety of Texas area libraries and museums. She specializes in the art, architecture, and cultural legacy of ancient civilizations, as well as comparative mythology and religion, iconographic and literary analysis, and leadership and war. Kristin is also a freelance photographer. Her artwork has been exhibited across the country and published internationally.

Diane E. Williams
P. O. Box 49302
Austin, Texas 78765
(512) 458-2367

Ms. Williams has more than 20 years experience conducting archival research. She specializes in archival and informant research and building documentation. She is experienced with a wide variety of primary and secondary source material including collections, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, maps, periodicals, architectural plans and drawings, ephemera, business records, public records and informant interviews. She is adept at following leads and tracking down hard to find information. She is available for travel to other locations for research tasks. She holds a Master of Arts in Architecture and Urban Planning (Concentration: History, Analysis and Criticism of Architecture), and a Bachelor of Arts with a dual major in History and Art (Art concentration: Art History).

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