Request a Faculty Study Room

The UTSA Libraries maintain 36 small, private Faculty Study Rooms equipped with two chairs and a table. These rooms are located on the third floor of the John Peace Library. The Faculty Study Rooms are assigned to faculty on the basis of need and availability. An announcement of the allocation policy will be made to the faculty once a year.

Allocation Policy

Faculty who would like the use of a study room must apply each year. The assignment of a study room is for one year (September through August) and is renewable. The request form asks faculty to briefly state their need. Specific information is required regarding the applicant's currently assigned office space and/or laboratory situation and how the applicant's research needs require the use of reserved study space in the library, such as the need to use non-circulating library materials or the need for research space because the applicant does not have a privately assigned office.

The announcement of the application process will be made in the spring semester for space for the next academic year. The announcement will be brought to the attention of Department Chairs, who may apply on behalf of newly hired faculty. Applications are due at the end of the spring semester. Decisions about space allocations will be announced by August 1.

The Libraries' Office of the Dean and the University Standing Committee on University Libraries will review applications and make decisions about space allocation as necessary. Priority will be given to library-based projects, faculty who do not have private offices, and faculty who are based at the Downtown and HemisFair Park Campuses.

Request a Faculty Study Room