Library Faculty Liaisons

Our subject specialist librarians work with designated faculty liaisons in each department, listed below. The liaison's role is to help facilitate the selection of library materials in collaboration with other faculty in the department.

Faculty are welcome to contact either their liaison or appropriate subject specialist librarian to discuss any information or library research needs.

More information about the Faculty Liaison Program

College of Architecture, Construction and Planning

Subject Faculty Liaison Subject Specialist
Architecture & Interior Design Edward Burian Gary Woods
Construction Science Rogelio Palomera-Arias Gary Woods
Urban and Regional Planning Rebecca Walter Gary Woods

College of Business

Subject Faculty Liaison Subject Specialist
Accounting Emeke Nwaeze Charles Wu
Economics Saeid Mahdavi Natasha Arguello
Entrepreneurship Anita Leffel Natasha Arguello
Finance Mehdi Beyhaghi Charles Wu
Information Systems & Cyber Security Karen Williams Charles Wu
General Business Administration
Business Law
Dina Krasikova Natasha Arguello
Management Science & Statistics Mark Leung Natasha Arguello
Tourism Management
Kristina Durante Natasha Arguello

College of Education & Human Development

Subject Faculty Liaison Subject Specialist
Bicultural-Bilingual Studies
English as a Second Language
English for Foreign Students
Lilliana Saldana Rachel Cannady
Counseling Shane Haberstroh Roberta Astroff
Educational Psychology Jeremy Sullivan Rachel Cannady
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Felecia Briscoe Rachel Cannady
Health & Kinesiology

Sara Oswalt
Rachel Cannady
Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching
American Sign Language
Early Childhood Education
Instructional Leadership
Secondary Education
Dennis Davis Rachel Cannady
Mexican-American Studies Lilliana Saldana Rita Wilson

College of Engineering

Subject Faculty Liaison Subject Specialist
Biomedical Engineering Mark Appleford Charles Wu
Civil & Environmental Engineering Hatim Sharif Charles Wu
Electrical & Computer Engineering Lide Duan Charles Wu
Mechanical Engineering John Foster Charles Wu

College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Subject Faculty Liaison Subject Specialist
Anthropology Jason Yaeger (Fall)
Laura Eichelberger (Spring)
Rita Wilson
Art & Art History Julie Johnson Shari Salisbury
Classics Susan Gelb Emily Cox
Communication Sallyanne Holz DeeAnn Green
English Annette Portillo Tara Schmidt
Geography Richard Jones Rita Wilson
History Andrew Konove
Jerry Gonzalez
Shari Salisbury
Modern Languages & Literature Francisco Marcos-Marin Shari Salisbury (French, German, and General Foreign Language)
Rita Wilson (Spanish)
Music Mark Brill Emily Cox
Philosophy Alistair Welchman Emily Cox
Political Science Matthias Hofferberth
Matthew Brogdon
DeeAnn Green
Psychology Paul Romanowich DeeAnn Green
Sociology Michael Miller DeeAnn Green

College of Public Policy

Subject Faculty Liaison Subject Specialist
Criminal Justice & Law Megan Augustyn Gary Woods
Demography Corey Sparks Roberta Astroff
Public Administration Andrew Highsmith Gary Woods
Social Work Jolyn Mikow Roberta Astroff

College of Sciences

Subject Faculty Liaison Subject Specialist
Allied Health Sciences
Jurgen Engelberth
David Senseman
Lydia Fletcher
Chemistry Hadi Arman Lydia Fletcher
Computer Science Xiaoyin Wang Charles Wu
Environmental Science Michael Laverde Lydia Fletcher
Geological Sciences David Young Lydia Fletcher
Physics & Astronomy Zlatko Koinov Lydia Fletcher
Mathematics Jose Iovino
Eduardo Dueñez
Lydia Fletcher

University College

Area Faculty Liason Subject Specialist
Writing Program Christina Frasier Tara Schmidt

Other Collection Areas

Area Subject Specialist
Business (General) Natasha Arguello
Downtown Library Roberta Astroff
Ethnic Studies Rita Wilson
Global Studies Charles Wu
Government Documents Rita Wilson
Honors College Tara Schmidt
Humanities Emily Cox
Nonprofit Management Gary Woods
Popular Reading Tara Schmidt
Reference Rita Wilson
Religious Studies Emily Cox
Sciences (general) Lydia Fletcher
Social Sciences (general) DeeAnn Green
Special Collections (including Archives, Manuscripts, and Rare Books) Amy Rushing
Nikki Thomas (Manuscripts)
Urban Studies Gary Woods