Guidelines for Using GroupSpot for Classes

For faculty members who reserve GroupSpot, the following important information will help you prepare for your class.

Before your class

If you have not used the GroupSpot room in the past, please schedule an orientation session with your librarian at least 48 hours ahead of time to ensure you are familiar with the technology in the room. Please let your librarian know what types of software and A/V you need to use so it can be included in your orientation. Please be sure to mention if you are using TeamSpot or NetSupport. Orientation is important as there is no day-of training for the software and A/V systems available.

Room Check In

The room is locked after each class period. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before class time to allow for set up and student log-ins. Students will not have access to the room until you arrive.

When you arrive, please go to the Front Desk and request the GroupSpot side B box. Please be sure to bring your UTSA ID to check out the box and its contents. The box will not be checked out to students. The box contains the key, microphones, a PowerPoint clicker, the code for the A/V system and dry erase supplies.

A sign with your class name will be ready inside the room. Please place it in the sign holder located outside the room to help direct your students into the room and prevent other students from accidentally disrupting your class when it is in session.

Troubleshooting problems

See the basic troubleshooting guide at the end of this section. If you encounter additional issues, please ask for help at the Information Desk outside the room.

After Your Class

  1. Have all students save their work on a flash drive and log off their computers. The GroupSpot computers cannot be used to store student or faculty documents.
  2. Log off the system and shut down the A/V.
  3. Wipe down the dry erase boards.
  4. Ask students to remove any trash they have brought in the room so that it’s ready for the next class.
  5. Remove the sign inserted in the holder outside the room.
  6. Lock the room. Students should not be left in the room to continue working or to study. Students who would like to continue collaborating on a group project should go to the GroupSpot study space on side A or reserve a group study room in the library.
  7. Return the box with all items to the Front Desk for check-in.
  8. Let your librarian know if there were any issues with using the space that we can address.

Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Troubleshooting Option

Monitor indicates "NO SIGNAL"

a. Check the input: make sure it is set to HDMI 1 (except tables #4 and #9 which are set to PC-IN

b. Check to make sure the table CPU is on

Monitor indicates "Control Alt Delete" to log in Restart the table CPU
There is a document on the screen Restart the table CPU
One of the laptops is not responding Restart the laptop
The internet is not working on the laptop Check that all of the cables are plugged in
Laptop battery is dead Check power cable and plug in