Visual Style Guide

The following guidelines apply to UTSA Libraries’ print collateral, including brochures, signage, displays, promotional items, directional graphics and other marketing materials.


Download logos here.




The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries wordmark is the primary means by which we are recognized and should appear on as many forms of communication as possible.

University Signature

The university signature should be used in conjunction with the wordmark when appearing on communications going off-campus.

All logos have been specially drawn and spaced and should never be reinterpreted or altered. Do not attempt to recreate any of the marks that are displayed on this page. All of these marks have been created and are available for download.

The wordmark should never be stacked or positioned in any variation other than that designated by the visual identity guidelines.

The UTSA Libraries logo must include the Registered symbol as shown.

Black & White

Black and white versions are available for use in black and white applications or on dark colored backgrounds. The logo may be printed on any solid color, texture or photographic background that provides sufficient contrast for clarity and legibility.

Clear Space

Placing any element too close to the logo diminishes its importance. An imaginary boundary around the logo protects its prominence and integrity. The logo should be a set distance from text, photos and other design elements. The minimum boundary is the height of the logo type.

In the event the logo is layered over a photo for the purposes of advertising or communications, place the logo in a neutral, uncluttered space on the photograph. Nothing in the background should distract from the logo.

Appropriate Spacing

The “U” spacing is designated by leaving space around the logo that is equal in width and height to the “U” in the UTSA wordmark.

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility, the logo should never be reduced to an unreadable size.The logo should not be used less than 50px width for the web or 0.5" for print.

Unacceptable Use

It is very important that the logo is always displayed correctly. This includes always using the correct typeface, color and positioning of all elements.

Refrain from:

  • Adding elements to the logo
  • Stacking or grouping the logo with other elements
  • Stretching or distorting the logo
  • Redrawing or retyping the logo
  • Adding graphical styles such as drop shadows and gradients
  • Placing the logo in a way that groups it too closely with other graphical elements
  • Outlining the logo to help it stand out.
  • Using the logo in a line with text or a URL
  • Droping the ® mark



Primary Colors

Blue and orange are the official colors of the The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries. The colors are a distinguishing feature of our identity and serve as the colors in all UTSA Libraries marketing materials.

When reproducing UTSA colors, insist upon accurate color matching to UTSA’s PANTONE® PMS colors.

The UTSA Libraries logo should appear in these colors on Web sites, in four-color publications, and in any other application where full color is possible.



PMS® 289

CMYK 100, 76, 12, 70
(process color), 4-color printing

RGB 12, 35, 64
On-screen viewing

Hex #0c2340
Web viewing

UTSA Orange


PMS® 1665

CMYK 0, 80, 100, 0
(process color), 4-color printing

RGB 241, 90, 34
On-screen viewing

Hex #f15a22
Web viewing

More information on website colors.

The logo may also appear in black or white when color is not an options. See Black & White logo options above.

Building Interior Colors

A supplementary set of colors is used in UTSA Libraries physical spaces. Signage and interor design elements should use these color pallettes whenever possible.

John Peace Library



CMYK: 59, 42, 89, 27

RGB 97, 105, 56

Hex: #616938



CMYK: 52, 75, 55, 42

RGB 92, 57, 66

Hex: #5C3842



CMYK: 72, 48, 29, 5

RGB 86, 118, 147

Hex: #567692



CMYK: 20, 65, 100, 7

RGB 192, 105, 0

Hex: #C06900



CMYK: 15, 41, 99, 1

RGB 216, 155, 47

Hex: #D89B2D



CMYK: 33, 24, 58, 1

RGB 176, 174, 127

Hex: #B0AE7F



CMYK: 59, 48, 52, 18

RGB 106, 109, 105

Hex: #6A6D69

Downtown Library



CMYK: 89, 21, 33, 32

RGB: 0, 112, 125

Hex: #00707D


The UTSA Libraries typographic identity is visible across many applications, including print, and web. Type selections have been made that best represent the brand of the UTSA Libraries.

Trade Gothic LT Std. is the approved primary sans-serif typeface for the UTSA Libraries. An acceptable alternative font that may be used is Arial. News Gothic and Verdana are the primary typefaces for the UTSA Libraries website. See the Web Style Guide for more information.

Primary Typeface

The primary typeface is Trade Gothic LT Std. Trade Gothic LT Std comes in ten different faces. Regular is used primarly for body text. Bold No. 2 is the primary headline font. 


The full Trade Gothic font family allows for flexibility and creative expression in text and display.


Download letterhead, sign, and PowerPoint templates here.