Gary Woods


Research & Education

BV 2.314G

Subject Specialist For


Gary works with both the College of Public Policy and College of Architecture, Construction and Planning.

Within the College of Public Policy, Gary works with the department of criminal justice both in building research resources for faculty and students, as well as providing instruction and individual research help for students. Gary also works with the department of public administration (which includes non-profit management) to support faculty in selecting resources for research, and to assist students individually, especially on their capstone papers.

Gary works with all five programs within the College of Architecture, Construction and Planning, building the library’s collection to meet the needs of faculty and students. Gary provides traditional library instruction and also special instruction on finding design precedents. In addition, Gary works with many students on their design projects, especially their final capstone project.

Gary is active in his neighborhood association and local planning issues, and also has interests in landscape design and native plants.

Gary earned both his Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin.