Citation Management for Science and Engineering: BibTex® / LaTex®


Online via Zoom

Do your professors require the use of BibTex® / LaTex® to format your references? This workshop will cover where to get BibTex files, why and how to import or store in EndNote®, Mendeley®, or Zotero®, and why and how to export into a LaTex editor — a document preparation software program involving coding. Therefore, discussions of LaTex’s coding, such as its syntaxes and commands, will be part of this workshop.  

It is recommended, but not required, that attendees first take either of the EndNote or Zotero workshops, before taking this workshop. We also recommend you sign up for Overleaf — an online LaTeX editor, as we will introduce this LaTex software program during this workshop. Please see this PowerPoint file of the workshop to decide whether it is relevant for you.   

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Presented by Charles Wu & Estéban Cantu, UTSA Libraries