Hidden from History: Exploring San Antonio’s LGBTQ Past


Online via Zoom

Melissa GohlkeIn recognition of LGBTQ History Month, join the UTSA Libraries Special Collections for "Hidden from History: Exploring San Antonio’s LGBTQ Past."

Many facets of San Antonio history are obscured by a historical record that focuses on white, heterosexual, and normative society and events. Peel back the veneer of normalcy, and one can find rich, diverse, and often times, unexpected strands of the city’s past. 

From female impersonators of the early 1900s to queer life in derelict spaces during the 1960s and finally, bar culture of 1970s and beyond, the hidden threads of San Antonio’s history reveal themselves. 

This presentation explores these hidden histories and stitches together an alternative interpretation of the city’s historical record by examining a wealth of primary sources found in archives and personal collections.

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About Melissa Gohlke, assistant archivist and LGBTQ historian
Gohlke received her master’s degree in history from the University of Texas at San Antonio. While working on her master’s thesis, she began forging relationships with local LGBTQ organizations and individuals as she worked to piece together the history of San Antonio’s queer community. She gained a strong appreciation for the importance of collecting, preserving, and providing access to local LGBTQ materials—a mission she pursues at UTSA Special Collections.

Presented by Melissa Gohlke, UTSA Libraries Special Collections