Apply for an OER Grant: Adopt a Free Textbook

UTSA Libraries welcomes submissions for Adopt a Free Textbook grants.

These grants support UTSA faculty in adopting or modifying existing OER for use as the primary textbook(s) in an individual course for an individual grant or a minimum of 3 or more instructors collaborating on an individual course for a group grant.

*Applications ranked on course enrollment, current textbook cost, and DFW rate.
Grant Expectation Individual Group
Adoption Adoption of existing OER as the primary textbook(s) $1,000 $1,500-7,000*

*A minimum of 3 instructor applicants is required for group grants; applications for department-wide adoption are encouraged, when possible, for higher impact.  

Use of Awards

Open Educational Resources

Awards may be used to support professional development or to purchase materials/supplies. Recipients will work with UTSA Libraries’ staff and their own academic department admin to coordinate payment. Awards may not be used as a salary supplement.


  • Applicants must be the instructor(s) of record for the course
  • Grants are open to all faculty, including fixed tenure-track


Applications are ranked by:

  1. Total students impacted: average course enrollment in the prior academic year
  2. New purchase price for the current primary textbook(s) used in the course
  3. Course drop, fail, withdraw rate

Grantee Expectations

  • Collaborate with a librarian to find an affordable textbook for the course
  • Commit to adopting an affordable textbook for at least four semesters
  • Replace the existing primary textbook(s) for the course with an affordable textbook 
  • Report adoption of the affordable textbook(s), marking the course as a Low Cost Textbook course via the filter in the UTSA course search
  • Serve as an OER advocate by sharing your experience with other faculty
  • Complete a course impact report that includes: 
    • a final syllabus
    • assessment
    • student evaluations of the affordable textbook
    • anonymous data on grades, including drop, fail, and withdraw rates
    • analysis and future textbook plans


The UTSA Libraries will provide support for the grants by:

  • Conducting an OER discovery search to identify existing OER for potential adoption, adaptation, and redistribution
  • Providing guidance on Creative Commons licenses for adoption and authoring
  • Answering questions on the use of existing OER for use, adaptation, and redistribution
  • Answering questions on copyright and fair use
  • Creating research guides for courses in support of grant work
  • Providing guidance and training on OER authoring platforms
  • Collaborating with Academic Innovation for OER integration in Blackboard
  • Leveraging memberships in national and state OER communities to support course transformation


Grant application deadline: March 29, 2021.

Apply for an individual grant 
Apply for a group grant

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