Open Resources 101

Open educational resources are open access teaching and learning materials that are available at no cost to your students, accessible from mobile devices, and available from class day one. Research on open resources has shown that they improve student engagement and course outcomes. They also enhance academic freedom with the 5R permissions, which allow for free and open access and continual improvement: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, & Redistribute.

In 2015, UTSA Libraries partnered with OpenStax, a non-profit affiliated with Rice University and 15 other universities that are also growing open resource adoption. In 2016 we began offering grants to UTSA faculty adopters and will continue to offer grants annually for the foreseeable future. We would love to partner with you to integrate open resources into your classes!

Open Resources at UTSA

Here at the UTSA Libraries we have made substantial strides in creating a foundation for open resource expansion at UTSA, in part due to our partnership with OpenStax (featured in PC Magazine and in the Paisano). We are currently working with faculty grant recipients to support OER integration into their courses, collecting student and faculty feedback from those trials, and reporting our progress at monthly OpenStax Partner meetings.

We are also working to match courses that use a traditional textbook with a comparable open textbook, and are meeting with department chairs, textbook committees, and instructors who teach these high enrollment courses in order to share low- and no-cost textbook findings. In the future we will create a repository of Blackboard shells filled with open resources so that faculty can easily adopt and adapt them.

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