TexShare Card Holder Borrowing Policy

This policy applies to guests who use a TexShare card to borrow books from UTSA Libraries. If you are a UTSA student, staff member, or faculty member, please visit the TexShare Program page for more information about borrowing materials from other Texas libraries.

The UTSA Libraries honors TexShare Cards issued by participating institutions, allowing public library members, and Texas college/university students, staff, and faculty to borrow materials when visiting in person. You must be at least 16 years of age to use a TexShare Card at the UTSA Libraries.

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TexShare members can check out a total of five items at one time, including the following:

  • Books – TexShare card holders from other Texas libraries who borrow UTSA materials may check out up to five books from the general collections for a period of 4 weeks (one renewal).
  • Multimedia - TexShare members may check out up to five DVDs or other multimedia items for a period of two weeks (one renewal).
  • Electronic resources – Most, but not all, of UTSA’s electronic resources are available onsite to walk-in users. Users can request a 60-minute guest login at one of the John Peace Library or Downtown Library service desks. TexShare card holders do not have off-campus access to databases.


  • Curriculum Materials – TexShare card holders may view curriculum materials at the library, but check out is not allowed.
  • Textbooks, board games, and other reserve items – Because of high demand by UTSA students, members may not check out reserve items.
  • Study Rooms– Because of high demand by UTSA students, TexShare card holders may not reserve study rooms.
  • Courier service between campuses is not available.


TexShare card holders may renew material one time. Items can be renewed online, in person, or by calling the John Peace Library at (210) 458-4574, or the Downtown Library at (210) 458-2440.

To renew items online, click on MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT in the upper right-hand corner of the UTSA Libraries website. Choose the option "Visitors, Alumni & Community Borrowers." For username, enter your email address, and for password, use the barcode on the card you received from UTSA Libraries when you checked out your TexShare material.

Overdue Fines

Books are fined at $0.50 per day with a maximum fine of $15.

All items which are borrowed from the UTSA Libraries are the responsibility of the borrower.  Each patron should ensure that items are renewed or returned to the library by the due date specified.  Due dates are printed and inserted in each borrowed item at the time of checkout.

Payment for overdue fines is accepted by check or UTSA Guest Card.  We do not accept cash.  Further library service is not available until overdue material(s) are returned and fines have been paid.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Users are responsible for charges for items lost or damaged during their borrowing period. In addition to replacement costs, users will be responsible for overdue fines and for a processing fee of $10. For damaged items, charges will be determined by the cost of repairs or replacement.

Item Type Replacement Cost


Multimedia Items $30


The UTSA Libraries reserve the right to request a picture ID when checking out materials to patrons.