Reserve a Study Room

Need a study room? Reserve one now through our convenient room reservation system. Your reservation is just a few clicks away!

To make sure you receive a confirmation of your reservation, include your phone number.
If you need to cancel a reservation and do not receive an email confirmation, call: (210) 458-4574 or (210) 458-2440.

Reserve a Study Room Now

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You also can reserve a study room through your mobile phone at or through our room reservation kiosks at the John Peace, Downtown, or Applied Engineering and Technology libraries.

Room Reservation FAQ

Who can reserve a room?
All current UTSA students with a valid UTSA ID
For how long?
  • Up to 2 hours at a time
  • Only 2 reservations allowed at a time
  • Can reserve up to 8 days in advance
  • If the room is not occupied within the first 10 minutes of the reservation start time, the reservation may be cancelled.
How do I reserve a room?
Reserve from your mobile device, our website, or a room reservation kiosk at the John Peace, Downtown, or Applied Engineering and Technology libraries.

Placing backpacks or books in the room does not hold the room for you.
How can I cancel my reservation?
Click on the "cancel reservation" link in your confirmation email to cancel your reservation.
What if I don't receive a confirmation email?
As of 11/10/2015, you must complete a ONE-TIME verification of your email address in order to begin receiving confirmation email notices. You will receive an email from "UTSA Libraries Blue Crew" with "Please confirm your email address" in the Subject field.
You must click on the link in the email WITHIN 24 HOURS to complete the verification process. After that, you will automatically receive email confirmation notices.
Check your junk mail folder. If you still don't see a confirmation email message, call or email us to verify or cancel your reservation.
Do I need to pick up a key?
At Downtown Library you will make your reservation through the new system, but will still need to pick up a key at the front desk.

At the JPL, AET Library, and the University Center, you will NOT need to pick up a key. All rooms will be kept unlocked.
Where are they located?
  • John Peace Library
    • Second Floor Rooms: 1-11
    • Third Floor Rooms: 13-49
  • AET Library
    • Rooms: A, B, C
  • Downtown Library
    • Rooms: M1, M2, NI, N2, N3, N4, N5, O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, O6, P1, P2
  • University Center
    • UC North Rooms: Wild Persimmon, Acacia, Magnolia, Buckeye, Redbud, Paloverde, Oak
    • HEB UC Rooms: Nueces, Cameron
What about supplies?

Dry erase markers and erasers should be available in each study room.

If you need supplies:

  • At the JPL, Downtown, or AET Libraries - visit the front desk.
  • At the UC - call (210) 563-9798.
What other study room options are available?
Graduate Student Study Rooms are located at both JPL and the Downtown Library, and are open to any students enrolled in master’s or Ph.D. programs at UTSA. JPL has a Graduate Group Study Room (3.01.56) as well as a Graduate Quiet Study Room (3.03.56).

The Quiet Computing Room, located in JPL 3.03.02, is intended for those who want to do computer work without distractions. The room has four desktop computers and is open to all UTSA students.
Security/Other Information
  • Never leave any belongings unattended in the rooms, as you are solely responsible for your personal belongings.
  • JPL, Downtown Library, and AET Library Rooms
  • University Center Rooms
    • For questions regarding reservations or to report misuse of rooms, call (210) 563-9798.
Reserve Your Study Room!
If you are in a group study room and you have not reserved it, the room may belong to someone else. Avoid this situation by making sure you reserve your room first!