How to Use the EvoShift Gimbal

The EVO SHIFT gimbal available for checkout at UTSA Libraries is a stabilizing tool that allows you to record smooth, graceful moving shots with your smartphone. But, before checking it out, we wanted to first give you some quick tips on how to best use the EVO SHIFT gimbal.

1. Mount and Balance

Before you turn on the gimbal, you need to mount and balance your phone.
First, if you have a case on your smartphone, remove it…

And slide your phone into the mounting clip so that your camera’s lens is on the opposite side of this motor.
Loosen the Mobile Clamp Thumb Screw on the back and rotate the clamp with the smartphone mounted to either horizontal or vertical orientation. Then tighten the Thumb Screw.
Once your phone is in place, there is a weight on the gimbal that needs to be adjusted to counterbalance the weight of your phone.

With the gimbal upright, begin balancing the Tilt axis by slightly loosening the camera tray thumbscrew.
In small increments, slide the arm in or out until the phone stays balanced on its own. This may take a few attempts to get the balance just right.
With the phone balanced, go ahead and tighten the screw.

2. Power On

It’s time to power on the gimbal.

Press and hold the red power button for 3 to 4 seconds until you see a sequence of flashing yellow lights on the right, followed by a blinking blue light on the left.

3. There Are 4 Modes Available For You

Your Shift gimbal comes pre-programmed with four different shooting modes.
Initially when you turn on the gimbal, the Mode is set on Pan Follow Mode:
This mode allows you to move left or right and it will create a smooth movement with you. You can also use the joystick to only move the phone up or down only.

In Pan Follow Mode, press the Mode button once to go into Lock Mode:
This mode keeps the lens always pointing in the same direction no matter how you move and you have full control of the joystick to move the arm up, down, left, or right. Press the Mode button once to return to Pan Follow Mode.

Press the Mode button twice to get in to Full Follow Mode:
In this mode the camera will follow every movement. You can even turn the Gimbal upside down and use the joystick to get some cool low-angle shots. Press the Mode button once to go back to the initial Pan Follow Mode.

Finally, press the Mode button 3 times for the phone to rotate and put you into Selfie Mode.
Press the Mode button 3 times again to go back to the initial Pan Follow Mode.

4. Using the Evo Gimbal App

To access the full range of options and tools with the SHIFT gimbal, you can download the EVO gimbal app from the app store of your choice.

We suggest you watch this video if you are interested in utilizing this feature.

5. Power Off and Return to UTSA Libraries

Finally, to turn off the SHIFT gimbal, hold down the red button.

The gimbal’s arms will automatically adjust and all lights will turn off once it has fully powered down.

Please adjust the thumbscrews and arms back so that the gimbal fits correctly back in its case before returning it to the Front Desk.

Available for Checkout at UTSA Libraries:

Gimbal stabilizer for Smartphones
The EVO SHIFT 3 axis gimbal transforms your smartphone into a pro-quality video camera. Compatible with most iPhone & Android smartphones up to 220g. Available for checkout for up to 24 hours.