State Funded OER Grants


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board OER Grants, offered annually, are awarded to Texas core courses that utilize true Creative Commons licenses.  

Grants are awarded in two tiers for Texas core courses:  

  • Development: up to $25,000 to develop or substantially improve one or more  courses.  
  • Implementation: up to $5,000 to support the substantial redesign of one or more courses.  


Office of Research

Research Service Center grant staffers support the grant application process. Get in touch with your College’s designated grant staffer right away. Grant staffers guide on submitting an intake form with basic information and will enter more detailed information in UTSA’s CAYUSE grant management system, including grant title, granting agency, abstract, deadline, budget, and more.

UTSA departments that you identify as collaborators-UTSA Libraries, Online Learning, Teaching and Learning Services-can share a list of services they provide in support of your project. Your grant staffer will guide you through the process once you have identified collaborators.

UTSA Libraries

UTSA librarians provide textbook matches for adoption and adaptation. Librarians have expertise with Creative Commons licenses and copyright and fair use: foundational aspects of any OER project. The library works with Academic Innovation to integrate final projects into Blackboard, and can create Research Guides accessible outside the LMS. The library is an OpenStax Partner School and a member of both the Open Education Network and Texas Digital Library.

Librarians can also assist with crafting a publication timeline to training on UTSA Pressbooks. Additional support includes accessibility guidance in UTSA Pressbooks, ISBN and DOI assignment, and sharing final OER for maximum reach and preservation. Read more on OER Creation: Support for UTSA Faculty.