Who Can Use UTSA Libraries Resources

Any community member may use physical collections on site at the Libraries. Most electronic resources are also available on guest computers on site. Check the status of electronic resources for visitor access on the Databases page.  Non-UTSA affiliated visitors may obtain borrowing privileges for physical materials at the UTSA Libraries.

Access to the Libraries’ physical and online resources for the UTSA community is dependent upon enrollment or employment status. Current course enrollment and employment appointments are required for access.

Faculty, Researchers and Staff members

On-campus and off-campus access electronic library resources and borrowing privileges for physical collections are dependent upon the individual having an active position that has been entered into the UTSA Human Resources employee system (an appointment). UTSA Libraries do not have the authority to grant access to those without an appointment.


Currently registered students have on-campus and off-campus access to electronic library resources and borrowing privileges for physical collections. Non-enrolled students, including master's and PhD students, do not have borrowing privileges or off-campus access to electronic resources.

Non-enrolled students who are working to finish a grade of IN (incomplete)* can request borrowing privileges and access to library electronic resources by contacting us.

*View the definition of an incomplete in the Information Bulletin Academic Regulations.

Between semesters, student access to resources is dependent on enrollment.