Print, Copy & Scan

Printer Locations

Our printers can also be used as copiers, and they can be found in the following locations:

  • John Peace Library: Printers are located on the 2nd floor in the Information Commons and in the lobby, on the 3rd floor near the elevators, and on the 4th floor in the Study/Commons area.
  • Downtown Library: Three printers are located near the library entrance.
  • Applied Engineering and Technology Library: One printer is located in the lobby area.

Print jobs sent to the PrintSpot system can also be released from any PrintSpot printer on the Main and Downtown campuses.

Paying For Printing

Students enrolled on a full-time basis receive an allocation of $12 in printing credit at the beginning of fall and spring semesters. After the $12 is used, additional print credit can be purchased by adding money to your UTSACard at Cash Value machines located throughout campus. Credit cards may be used to add money to your UTSACard at Fiscal Services or through ASAP.

Double-sided printing, which saves paper and your printing funds, is the default print setting.

Printing charges apply to copying as well.

Guest Printing

PrintSpot is for student use only. Faculty, staff, and guests who wish to print may purchase a Guest Card for $1 from the Cash Value machine located next to the printers. These cards can only be purchased with cash, and have no initial value. An addition of at least $1 to the Guest Card will be necessary to pay for prints.

Scanner Locations

  • John Peace Library: Three scanners are located in the North Commons ScanSpot area near the 2nd floor Front Desk.  
  • Downtown Library: One scanner is located near the public computing area. A tabletop scanner is attached to a computer located near the Architecture Periodicals.
  • Applied Engineering and Technology Library: The AET Library has two scanners.

Using the Scanners

High-speed KIC scanners allow you to scan pages from books, magazines, or journals and email the files or save them to a USB drive.

Please limit your time on the KIC scanners to 5 minutes if others are waiting.

Please refer to our Copyright Policy for concerns or questions about scanning and copyright law compliance.

Guest Scanning

Scanning is free to guests and does not require a UTSA ID.

Microform Reader Locations

  • John Peace Library: A microform reader with scanning and printing capabilities is located on the 2nd floor in Team Space.
  • Downtown Library: A microform reader with scanning and printing capabilities is located near the quiet study area.

Using Microforms and Readers

  • Please see the UTSA Libraries Microforms Research Guide for more information about finding microforms and using the microform reader.
  • While microfilm and microfiche cannot leave the library they may be viewed, scanned, and emailed at the microform reader.
  • Desk staff can assist in retrieving materials, using the microform readers, and printing.