Find Your Librarian

Our librarians use their in-depth knowledge and expertise to assist with general and subject-specific research. Additionally, librarians work with academic departments to grow the library's collection in support of faculty research and academic programs.

Students: Contact your subject librarian to schedule a time to discuss your research paper or project. Your librarian can help you identify the best sources to fit the needs of your specific assignment. 

Faculty: Contact either your subject specialist librarian or faculty liaison to discuss your own information or library research needs and to learn about library support for your teaching. Learn more about the departmental faculty liaison program.

Subject Area Subject Librarian Schedule
Academic Inquiry & Scholarship (AIS) Ammi Bui
Accounting Charles Wu
African American Studies Veronica Rodriguez
Anthropology Natasha Arguello
Architecture & Interior Design Diane López
Art & Art History Shari Salisbury
Bicultural-Bilingual Studies Rachel Cannady
Biology Emily Johnson
Biomedical Engineering Emily Johnson
Business (General) Natasha Arguello
Chemical Engineering Emily Johnson
Chemistry Emily Johnson
Civil & Environmental Engineering Diane López
Classics Ammi Bui
Communication Jacob Sherman
Computer Science Charles Wu
Construction Science Diane López
Counseling Rachel Cannady
Criminology & Criminal Justice Jacob Sherman
Data Science Hejin Shin
Demography Jacob Sherman
Earth & Planetary Science Charles Wu
Economics Natasha Arguello
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Rachel Cannady
Educational Psychology Rachel Cannady
Electrical & Computer Engineering Diane López
Engineering (General) Diane López
English Tara Schmidt
Entrepreneurship Natasha Arguello
Environmental Science & Ecology Emily Johnson
Film & Media Studies Ammi Bui
Finance Charles Wu
Geography DeeAnn Ivie
Government Documents Natasha Arguello
History Shari Salisbury
Honors College Ammi Bui
Humanities Ammi Bui
Information Systems & Cyber Security Charles Wu
Integrative Biology Emily Johnson
Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Rachel Cannady
Kinesiology Emily Johnson
Management Natasha Arguello
Management Science & Statistics Natasha Arguello
Marketing Natasha Arguello
Mathematics Charles Wu
Mechanical Engineering Diane López
Medical Humanities Ammi Bui
Mexican American Studies Veronica Rodriguez
Modern Languages & Literature
Molecular Microbiology & Immunology Emily Johnson
Multidisciplinary Studies Ammi Bui
Music William Glenn
Neuroscience, Developmental & Regenerative Biology - NDRB Emily Johnson
Nutrition & Dietetics Emily Johnson
Philosophy Ammi Bui
Physics & Astronomy Charles Wu
Political Science DeeAnn Ivie
Popular Reading Tara Schmidt
Psychology Emily Johnson
Public Administration Diane López
Public Health Emily Johnson
Race, Ethnic, Gender & Sexuality Studies Veronica Rodriguez
Religious Studies Ammi Bui
Scholarly Communication Emily Johnson
Sciences (general) Emily Johnson
Social Work Diane López
Sociology Jacob Sherman
Spanish & Translation Studies
Special Collections (Archives & Manuscripts) Barrett Codieck
Special Collections (Assistant Vice Provost for Special Collections) Amy Rushing
Special Collections (Outreach) Moira Mackay
Special Collections (Photographs) Tom Shelton
Special Collections (Rare Books & Special Collections Instruction) Steph Noell
Special Collections (University History) Barrett Codieck
Urban & Regional Planning Diane López
Women's Studies Veronica Rodriguez
Writing Program Tara Schmidt