Faculty Liaison Program

The Faculty Liaison Program facilitates an active partnership between faculty and librarians in developing library collections and considering new acquisitions. Each academic department is asked to identify at least one faculty liaison to work with a subject librarian in making recommendations for library resources--including books, audiovisual/multimedia resources, journal and database subscriptions, and research collections--in all formats.

Importance of the Liaison

  • The liaison is an integral part of the library's collection development activities and has a direct and significant impact on what the library selects.
  • The liaison is encouraged to suggest acquisitions that support student needs and accurately represent all the curricular and research interests of his/her department.
  • The liaison can be as involved as s/he chooses, but a higher level of input reflects positively on the library's collections

Specific Ways Liaisons Are Encouraged to be Involved

  • Make recommendations for library acquisitions in specific or new subject areas in all formats, including new journal and database subscriptions and/or any other materials appropriate for research, teaching, and learning needs..
  • Provide input for the acquisition of major research collections.
  • Serve as a conduit of information, especially for program reviews, accreditation reports, and new degree proposals, and provide input regarding library collections' strengths and weaknesses in consideration of these programs.
  • Serve as a formal and informal information source about departmental and academic research activities.
  • Serve as a contact for the subject librarian to disseminate information regarding the UTSA Libraries' goals, budget, services, and policies to departmental faculty and students.

Questions about the Faculty Liaison Program?

Contact us at (210) 458-4575 or librarycolldev@utsa.edu.