Borrow Tech Gear

The UTSA Libraries laptop request queue is closed for the spring semester. We are currently working through fulfilling requests. If you have any questions, please reach out to Access Services at

JPL= John Peace Library
DT = Downtown Library
AET = Applied Engineering and Technology Library

Category Title Check-out Time Location Request Item


Financial (TI & HP available) 4 hours jpldt
Four-function calculators 4 hours jpldt
Graphing (TI available) 4 hours jpldt
Scientific (TI & Casio available) 4 hours jpldt
Scientific (TI-30XS Multiview) 1 semester jpl


iClicker + 1 semester jpl
iClicker 2 1 semester jpldt

Laptops and Accessories

Dell Docking Station 24 hours jpl
Dell laptops 24 hours jpldt
Dell Laptops (Semester Loan) 1 semester
Dell power adapters 4 hours jpldt
Drawing Tablet (Wacom) 24 hours jpl Request Item
External Drive (read/write) 24 hours jpl Request Item
Mac USB-C Hub 4 hours jpl
Mouse (USB & wireless) 4 hours jpldt
Webcams 24 hours jpldt


Laptop (Magsafe1, Magsafe2, USB-C, HP, Surface Pro) 4 hours jpldt
Phone (Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-C) 4 hours jpldt
Power Bank 4 hours jpl


Allen wrench sets (Metric and English) 4 hours jpl
Bow Compass 4 hours jpl
Cartman 180 piece tool set 4 hours jpl
Compass 4 hours jpl
Desk Lamp 24 hours jpl
Drawing Supply Box (highlighters, sharpie, colored pencil, scissors) 4 hours jpldt
Dry Erase Markers 4 hours jpldt
Protractors 4 hours jpldt
Rulers 4 hours jpldt
Safety, Noise cancelling Ear Muffs 4 hours jpl
Tape measure 4 hours jpl
White board 4 hours jpl

Assistive Devices

Keyboard 4 hours jpl


Auxiliary Cables 4 hours jpldt
Ethernet cables 4 hours jpldt
Extension Cord 4 hours jpl
HDMI (Mac 4k & VGA adapters available) 4 hours jpldt
HDMI to Mini HMDI 4 hours jpldt
Mini USB to USB 4 hours jpldt
Power strip 4 hours jpl
USB extension 4 hours jpl
VGA (adapters available) 4 hours jpl

Presentation Equipment

Bluescreen 4 hours jpl
Cell phone filming kit 24 hours jpldt
Digital projector 4 hours jpldt
Projector Screen 4 hours jpl
Ring light 24 hours jpl
Voice Amplifier 4 hours jpl
Voice recorder 4 hours jpldt

Media Players and Accessories

Boom box 4 hours jpldt
Canon Camcorder 24 hours jpl Request Item
DSLR Camera 24 hours jpldt Request Item
DVD/VCR combo 4 hours jpldt
GoPro 24 hours jpl Request Item
Headphone Splitters 4 hours jpl
Headphones (iPhone adapter available) 4 hours jpl
Headsets with microphone 4 hours jpldt
JVC Camcorder 24 hours jpldt Request Item
Lapel Mic 24 hours jpldt Request Item
Media card reader 4 hours jpl
Merge AR/VR Goggles 2 weeks jpl
Microphones 24 hours jpl Request Item
Portable DVD & Blu-ray players 4 hours jpldt
Samson Metoerite USB Mic 24 hours jpldt Request Item
Tripod 24 hours jpldt Request Item
Turntable 4 hours jpl
TV Monitor 24 hours jpl