Tara Schmidt

portrait of Tara Schmidt

Coordinator of Information Literacy & Assessment

Reference & Instruction

Subject Specialist For

  • Popular Reading
  • Writing Program


Tara provides resources and support to the departments of English and linguistics, as well as the Writing Program and Academic Inquiry and Scholarship course.  She is available to faculty and students for research questions or resource help. 

Tara collaborates with faculty to provide support for teaching and learning. She provides class workshops that build information literacy skills while exploring library resources. Classes may include active learning activities, hands-on research, or flipped instruction elements. Tara also partners with faculty to build concept-based assignments, provide individual class/assignment based research guides, and create screencasts or modules.

Tara has a Bachelor of Arts in literature from Whitworth University and a Master of Library Science from Indiana University. Her ORCiD ID is 0000-0002-2422-9964.