Citation Management for Science and Engineering: LaTeX / Overleaf®


Online (Zoom)

Do your professors require the use of a LaTeX Program, such as Overleaf®, for writing your research papers? This workshop will cover the following: where to get your references for BibTeX file, how to import them into a LaTeX program, making your reference BibTex file interact within the program, and automatically output a list of all references at the end of your paper along with corresponding in-text citations.  The focus of this workshop would be on three BibTeX-related commands:  \cite, \bibliography, and \bibliographystyle, in addition to basic LaTeX syntaxes and commands within Overleaf® – a free online LaTeX editor program at  Please see for instructions. Come see how you can take advantage of LaTeX in concert with BibTeX for writing papers in Science or Engineering.

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Presented by Charles Wu, UTSA Libraries