Alumni Win an Exclusive Tour of UTSA’s Special Collections

On February 18, alumni Armando and Sonya Marroquin, along with four of their closest friends they met while studying at UTSA, returned to campus for a behind-the-scenes look at UTSA’s Special Collections.

“It feels good to come back and see what our alma mater has become,” said Sonya. “This is definitely home for us.”

Armando and Sonya attended the UTSA Alumni Gala last summer and won the tour at a silent auction held during the event. The unique package included wine, hors d’oeuvres and a private walkthrough of a historical collection of their choice.

After touring the Special Collections Reading Room with Amy Rushing, head of Special Collections, the group enjoyed an exhibit and presentation on “The History of the Book: From Papyri to the Modern Small Press” led by Agnes Czeblakow, rare books librarian.

The exhibit contained several titles from the UTSA Libraries rare book collection, chronicling the earliest examples of writing on papyrus and vellum to medieval illuminated manuscripts to 19th-21st century books, as well as a distinct collection of modern artists’ books.

The event was well received by all the guests. “This was a treat and something that we would definitely do again,” said Sonya.