Citation Management for Science and Engineering: BibTex® / LaTex®



Do you professors require the use of BibTex® / LaTex® to format your references? This workshop will cover the following: where to get your references in BibTex format, then import into a LaTex editor – Overleaf, and once your BibTex file is saved in Overleaf, how to make a BibTex file interact within the LaTex program. The focus of this workshop would be on three BibTex commands in relation to LaTex coding: \cite, \bibliography, and \bibliographystyle. After this workshop, you should know how to output a list of references (works cited) at the end of your paper along with corresponding in-text citations.

It is recommended that attendees first take either the EndNote or Zotero workshops, before taking this workshop. We also recommend you sign up for Overleaf – a free online LaTeX editor at, as we will introduce some basic LaTex coding, its syntaxes and commands during this workshop. Please preview this page/link to decide whether it is relevant for you.

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Presented by Charles Wu, UTSA Libraries