Spring Pizza & Research to focus on civic discourse

Civic discourse is the theme of UTSA Libraries’ spring Pizza & Research series, supporting UTSA’s investment to teach students to be civically engaged.

Bryan Gervais
Bryan Gervais, Ph.D.

“The goal of the series this semester is for UTSA students to develop the knowledge and skills on how to listen, reflect and have inclusive and productive discussions about issues we face together,” said Dean Hendrix, Dean of UTSA Libraries. 

The series will start with Bryan Gervais, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, and his lecture “Political Incivility in the Digital Age,” at noon Monday, Feb. 11, in the John Peace Library Assembly Room (4.04.22). Gervais’ presentation will address what political incivility is, and what it looks like online, as well as what effects it has on behaviors and attitudes. He will explore the question, “is political incivility bad for democracy?”  

The second presentation in the series will host Robert Rico, M.P.A., lecturer in the Department of Criminal Justice, and his lecture “Restorative Justice: A Relational Approach to Civic Discourse.” The presentation will be held at noon Tuesday, Feb. 26, at the Downtown Campus, BVB 1.328. Rico will provide an understanding of what restorative justice is, along with an understanding of its values, methods and potential uses for civic discourse on difficult topics.

Robert Rico
Robert Rico, M.P.A.

The Libraries’ Pizza & Research series is held every semester and allows UTSA students, faculty and staff the opportunity to explore timely topics across disciplines and engage with researchers and professors within or outside their own field of study. Students are provided pizza during the presentations to promote an inviting atmosphere.

“I think you get a better understanding of some of the research that’s happening here at UTSA,” said Tonya Wood, Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student, at the Libraries’ fall 2018 Pizza & Research series. “(Pizza & Research) gives you an appreciation for the different initiatives that are happening here.”    

Previous Pizza & Research presentations, including videos of the presentations and journal articles relevant to the topics, can be found at UTSA Libraries’ Pizza & Research Research Guide.