About Library Instruction

UTSA librarians are eager to work with you to infuse information literacy into your classes. We tailor library instruction to your individual assignments, using a variety of methods to support your learning outcomes and provide students with the skills they need to succeed.

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Information Literacy

Information literacy, including the ability to find, evaluate and ethically use information, is vital to student success. UTSA Libraries uses the core concepts found in the Association of Colleges and Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy as our foundation for information literacy instruction. We offer library general library instruction sessions, sessions focused on primary source research, assignment consultations, and online resources for incorporating information literacy into any class.

Assignment Collaboration

Whether you are identifying library resources for an existing assignment or you need to design a new assignment, your librarian can help. We can also create library assignments to support larger semester papers and projects.  Your librarian can even survey your students before the session to gauge their knowledge of the library and experience doing research and then use that information as a baseline for planning the session.

Instruction Methods

UTSA librarians use a number of different methods for teaching, including active learning, flipped classroom, individual exercises and group work. UTSA Libraries has two instructional spaces designed to maximize learning, depending on the lesson.  Your librarian will work with you to select the right space for your class.  We can even come to you.

Conceptual and Practical Skills

Your librarian conveys both conceptual and practical skills during the library session.

  • Evaluating sources
  • Differentiating between popular and peer reviewed sources
  • Search strategies for subject-specific databases
  • Providing information about citing and using citation managers

Special Collections Instruction

UTSA Libraries Special Collections librarians and archivists collaborate with faculty to incorporate rare books, manuscripts and university archives into the classroom.

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Institute of Texan Cultures Instruction

UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures Educators and Docents work with faculty and students on topics relevant to the Texan identity and perceptions of culture, as well as provide access to studies in a museum environment. Contact nansy.lopezgutierrez@utsa.edu for more information.

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Online Resources

Follow-Up: After the Library Session

After the library session, your librarian is available for follow-up!  Your students can contact your librarian in person for one-on-one or group consultations and ask questions via email and chat.  The librarian can administer a follow-up survey to assess retention of concepts, meet with you about the results, and incorporate any changes to help planning for subsequent semesters.


In-person instruction is offered Monday through Friday, excluding the first week of classes and the last two weeks of classes each semester. To ensure adequate preparation time, instruction sessions should be requested no less than two weeks prior to the class date.  If you are requesting support for a specific assignment, a copy of the assignment should be provided to the librarian instructor at least one week in advance. To ensure maximum impact and engagement, instructors are asked to attend the session.

Space in library instruction facilities is limited, and librarians’ schedules fill quickly. Faculty are encouraged to schedule instruction sessions as early into the semester as possible.