Data Management

UTSA Libraries can provide guidance for research data management (RDM) and data management planning, but currently the library does not offer infrastructure or services to host or manage research data.

See the Research Data Management Guide for detailed information and guidance.  Please contact your subject librarian with questions.

What is Research Data?

The definition for "research data" varies by discipline and regulatory agency. In general, it refers to data that has been systematically collected for analysis to support research, scholarship, or artistic activity.

Why Manage Data?

  • Meet grant requirements and make your application more competitive
  • Increase the research impact of your work
  • Save time and simplify the research workflow
  • Preserve data for perpetuity
  • Maintain the integrity of your data
  • Make your research more desirable to publishers
  • Promote new discoveries
  • Support open access

What is a Data Management Plan?

A data management plan (DMP) is a written document describing the nature and structure of the data you will likely use or produce in the course of research, along with your strategies for dealing with it throughout and after your project.

A successful DMP should answer the following:

  • What data will be gathered or produced?
  • Who will manage this data?
  • How will the data be disseminated?
  • How will the data be preserved for reuse?


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