UTSA students gathered in front of a laptop computerGroupSpot is located on the second floor of JPL, near the Information Desk. It's the perfect space for working on group projects.

Using GroupSpot

Thanks for following these guidelines to keep GroupSpot productive and pleasant for all.

  • Tables are not movable - attempting to move them will damage computer cables
  • Throw away all trash
  • Avoid eating messy food items
  • Wear headphones to listen to personal audio
  • Share your table with others if working individually

Read more about our environment policies

Room Features

  • A whiteboard wall divides the two sides of the room - write away!
  • Side A is open all the time for student study/collaboration
  • Each side has ten tables, and every table is equipped a 46” shared display monitor

See the GroupSpot floor map


GroupSpot’s laptops come equipped with the same software found on other JPL computers, with the addition of several other programs:

  • Collaboration software allowing groups to share and manipulate files from their laptops on the table monitor
  • SPSS v 22 - a software package used for statistical analysis
  • EndNote - a tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references
  • PuTTY - a telnet and SSH program for connecting to Pine and the UNIX servers and other telnet/SSH hosts over the internet

Problems? See us at the front desk!

For Faculty - Using GroupSpot for a Class

Faculty may reserve GroupSpot for one-time class sessions during certain times of the semester.

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