UTSA Art Collection

Our vision is to enhance the educational environment for thousands of students, faculty and staff, while making UTSA aesthetically pleasant for our visitors.

The mission of the University of Texas at San Antonio Art Collection is to preserve and showcase the University's collection and to enhance the UTSA community's appreciation and knowledge of the arts.

The UTSA Art Collection highlights regional artists and some internationally renowned artists. Prominent artists include Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Judy Baca, Alexander Calder, Mary Cassatt, Dale Chihuly, Carmen Lomas Garza, Graciela Iturbide, Luis Jimenez, Mike Mandel, Cruz Ortiz, Jessie Trevino, Vincent Valdez and Manny Vega, to name a few.

The Collection encourages and facilitates academic use by UTSA students and the community.