Reading Room Rules

The first time any researcher visits the Special Collections s/he will be asked to complete the registration form and show appropriate identification. On each subsequent visit the researcher will be asked to read through the rules.

  1. Visitors must sign the registration book each time they visit the Reading Room.
  2. ALL personal belongings are to be stored in lockers
  3. Allowed in Reading Room:
    • Pencils
    • Paper, must be stamped by a staff member
    • Laptop and notebooks (will be inspected at conclusion of visit)
    • Digital camera (no flash)
  4. Not allowed in Reading Room:
    • Pens, markers or ink of any kind
    • Food, drink, candy (including chewing gum) and tobacco products
  5. Researchers are to remain reasonably quiet to avoid distracting others.
  6. Cell phone ringers must be set to silent. Calls may not be taken in the reading room.
  7. Access to stacks areas of Special Collections is not allowed.
  8. Notify a staff member when your visit ends. Present laptops and notebooks for inspection. Special Collections staff reserve the right to inspect all research materials and personal articles before a researcher leaves.
  9. Failure to follow these rules may lead to your removal and/or banning from the Special Collections reading rooms.

Camera Use

Researchers are invited to use their personal digital cameras to photograph collection materials in the reading room. Personal scanners, tripods, or flashes may not be used. Photographs and/or digital images can only be used for personal reference and research purposes. Further details about camera use in the reading room can be found on the registration form link above. Please read our copyright and use information.