Archived Websites

Since 2008 UTSA Special Collections has been selectively capturing, preserving and making accessible websites that document the culture and history of UTSA, San Antonio and our surrounding South Texas communities.

Collections are curated into thematic subject areas and captured using web crawling tools provided by the Internet Archive’s Archive-It web archiving service. Special Collections currently has 19 active collections, which have captured and preserved over 87 million web documents.

Web content sought for preservation includes:

  • University of Texas at San Antonio websites, including official websites hosted by the university and social media sites created by staff, faculty and student organizations.

Websites from organizations and communities in the following subject areas:

  • Border Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • San Antonio Culture and History
  • South Texas Culture and History
  • Food Culture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Bilingual Education
  • South Texas Ecology & Water Issues

Learn more about web archiving, UTSA's web archiving efforts, and considerations for researchers:

See more about our web archiving methods and collection guidelines