Digitized Collections

UTSA Special Collections is dedicated to providing public access to our growing collections of rare books, personal papers & organizational records, photographic collections and UTSA history collections.

While we can only provide online access to a small fraction of our total holdings, we are committed to selecting material for digitization that will increase the availability of our most heavily used collections, promote those with high research value, or aid in reducing wear and tear to our most fragile collections.

We currently have over 32,000 items available for viewing online, from 25 different collections. Included in our digital collections portal are scans of physical items, as well as electronic or ‘born digital’ records received from donors.

Items in our Digital Collections include:

  • Photographic material including photographic prints, negatives, and slides
  • Folder contents from personal papers and organizational records
  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Broadsides, maps and drawings
  • Printed volumes, books, reports, and publications
  • Audiovisual content from archival collections
  • Items from our Mexican Cookbook Collection

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