Summer Changes at the John Peace and AET Libraries

Renovations will be taking place in both the John Peace Library and AET Library this summer, which will provide returning students with more modernized study spaces in the fall.

The final phase of the John Peace Library’s Fire Life Safety Project began this week, and will be completed in early July. The project was initiated by the UTSA Offices of Facilities and Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management to ensure the library meets the latest regulatory best practices in fire safety.

Renovations will include ceiling touch-ups and window graphics on the 3rd floor landing. Fire-rated doors will also be installed, as well as an ADA ramp at the main entrance on the Main Building side of the JPL.

In addition, the final phase of the 4th floor study room project will be completed. Additional electrical outlets and seats will be added to the multi-use space, which will allow for greater student collaboration.

The AET Library is being relocated this summer to a new space on the first floor of the AET Building. The new location will have the same number of seats and study rooms as the previous location, but in a much more visible area of the building. The AET Library will be closed for the summer, and is expected to open in its new location by August 21.

“There will be a lot of work going on in the JPL and AET Library,” said Candy Bass, facilities and operations manager for the UTSA Libraries. “All of the projects are designed to provide students with the highest level of safety and comfort as they embark on or continue their academic journeys.”

For more information on the libraries’ summer renovations, contact Candy Bass .