Two Texas Universities Partner with Chef Adán Medrano for New Book Series on Texas Borderlands Cooking

(December 5, 2023)

Adan MedranoTwo prestigious universities in Texas, Texas Tech University and The University of Texas at San Antonio, are in final discussions with food author Adán Medrano to collaborate on a new book series on Texas Borderlands cooking. The series, with a planned announcement date of 2024, will be published by Texas Tech University Press and feature contributions from The University of Texas at San Antonio Library Special Collections.

The partnership of these three entities is a significant development in the world of culinary literature, says Chef Adán Medrano, who has been recognized for his expertise in Texas Borderlands cuisine and will serve as the book series editor.

The University of Texas at San Antonio Library Special Collections is renowned for curating and holding the most extensive collection of Mexican cookbooks in the US. It will provide valuable resources for the series, with accessibility to its vast cookbook collection, for scholars, researchers and food writers who will participate in the planned book series. Texas Tech University Press, a leading academic publisher, will ensure the highest quality of production for the books, with broad distribution to the general public.

The book series will focus on the unique and diverse cuisine of Texas and Northern Mexico, encompassing the borderlands region of south Texas and the Mexican states of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and Chihuahua. It will feature a collection of recipes, oral histories, research in archaeology, Mexican-American studies, foodways studies, and cultural insights that showcase this region's rich history and flavors. The series aims to preserve and celebrate the culinary traditions of the Texas Borderlands while also providing readers with a deeper understanding of their cultural significance.

While no details have been released yet, Medrano says the planned series will be valuable to food literature. The announcement of this partnership and upcoming book series is highly anticipated by food enthusiasts, historians, and anyone interested in the rich cultural heritage of Texas.

More details will be released as the three partners work towards the launch of this exciting project in 2024.

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