UTSA Libraries commemorate Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, the UTSA Libraries are showcasing a selection of work generated in the field of women’s studies and highlighting interdisciplinary databases that can guide further research. We join the Library of Congress, the National Archives and the Smithsonian Institute in honoring and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. The subsequent resources provide additional guides to advance and promote the study of women and history.




This database seeks out newspapers, databases, and additional print materials that highlight women's voices and issues. Depending on your topic, it pairs really well with the Ethnic NewsWatch database.


Provides full image access to a comprehensive archive of over 2,000 scholarly journals, over 200 of which have complete backfiles. Nearly 40 subject areas are represented in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. New subjects and titles are added regularly. Links to the most recent issues of some journals are available through Project MUSE.


Full Text Indexes and abstracts nearly 2,000 journals in all subdisciplines of sociology, over 300 of which have full text. Also includes 550 full-text books and monographs and 6,700 conference papers. Topics include anthropology, criminal justice, ethnic & racial studies, gender studies, social work, and urban studies, among others. Coverage for some "core" titles begins in 1895, but most coverage begins in the mid-1990s.

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000

Provides access to books, scholarly essays, commentaries, and bibliographies, plus over 1,000 images, 3,600 documents, and 900 links to other websites, documenting the history of women in social movements in the U.S. from colonial times through the twentieth century. In addition, 92 document projects examine interpretive questions concerning women's history throughout this time period. New documents and document projects are added annually.

Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs 

Covers 1700s to present. Nearly 4,500 books and 265 journals that trace the evolution of feminism and women's rights in the United States, Britain, Canada, continental Europe, and New Zealand, among other geographic areas. Topics include the nature and role of women, the historical and legal status of women, prostitution, the education of girls and women, biography and autobiography, women writers, marriage and the family, employment of women, women and religion, women's voluntary associations, and many others. Materials available span four centuries and appear in fifteen languages, with English-language summaries available for many titles.

ProQuest Congressional 

Comprehensive full image coverage of U.S. Congressional publications 1789-present, including hearings, prints, reports, Serial Set maps, bills and laws, Congressional Record, Congressional Research Service Reports, and information on Congressional members and committees. Updated daily.

PAIS International 

Indexes and abstracts over 3,800 journals, as well as numerous books, conference reports, government documents, and statistical information in a variety of subjects, including agriculture, business, education, finance, health, political science, and the social sciences. Corresponds to the last ten years of citations from the print indexes PAIS Bulletin, PAIS Foreign Language Index, and PAIS International In Print.


Resource guides

Women’s Studies: A guide to sources, databases, multimedia and primary sources.

Women's History - U.S.: A guide to subjects related to women’s history in the U.S. including suffrage, social reform, colonial America, slavery and labor.

Special Collections: A guide to the UTSA Special Collections related to Women’s History


Books on theory

Women's Studies: the Basics by Bonnie G. Smith

Call Number: E-book

Women's Studies: The Basics is an accessible introduction to the pathbreaking and cross-disciplinary study of women--past and present. Tracing the history of the field from its origins, this revised and updated text sets out the main topics making up the discipline, exploring its global development and its relevance to our own times. A new chapter on militarization and violence provides fresh insight into trends in the contemporary world and adds to curricular significance. Reflecting the diversity of the field, core themes include: The interdisciplinary nature of women's studies Core feminist theories and the feminist agenda Issues of intersectionality: women, race, class, gender, ethnicity, and religion Violence, militarization, security, and peace Women, sexuality, and the body Women's Studies: The Basics provides an informed foundation for those new to the subject and is especially meant to guide undergraduates and postgraduates concentrating in women's studies and gender studies. Those in related disciplines will find in it a valuable overview of and background to women-centered issues and concerns, including global ones. The work also provides an updated list of suggested reading to help in further study, classroom presentations, and written exercises.

Black Feminism Reimagined by Jennifer C. Nash

Call Number: E-book

In Black Feminism Reimagined Jennifer C. Nash reframes black feminism's engagement with intersectionality, often celebrated as its primary intellectual and political contribution to feminist theory. Charting the institutional history and contemporary uses of intersectionality in the academy, Nash outlines how women's studies has both elevated intersectionality to the discipline's primary program-building initiative and cast intersectionality as a threat to feminism's coherence. As intersectionality has become a central feminist preoccupation, Nash argues that black feminism has been marked by a single affect--defensiveness--manifested by efforts to police intersectionality's usages and circulations. Nash contends that only by letting go of this deeply alluring protectionist stance, the desire to make property of knowledge, can black feminists reimagine intellectual production in ways that unleash black feminist theory's visionary world-making possibilities.

Borderlands/la Frontera, Third Edition by Gloria Anzaldúa

Call Number: JPL 3rd Floor PS3551.N95 B6 (multiple copies)

ISBN: 9781879960749

Rooted in Gloria Anzald#65533;a's experience as a Chicana, a lesbian, an activist, and a writer, the groundbreaking essays and poems in this volume profoundly challenged how we think about identity. Borderlands/La Frontera remapped our understanding of what a "border" is, seeing it not as a simple divide between here and there, us and them, but as a psychic, social, and cultural terrain that we inhabit, and that inhabits all of us. This twentieth-anniversary edition features new commentaries from prominent activists, artists, and teachers on the legacy of Gloria Anzald#65533;a's visionary work.

Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies by Kathy Davis (Editor); Mary Evans (Editor); Judith Lorber (Editor)

Call Number: JPL 3rd Floor HQ1180 .H355

"This breathtakingly broad, interdisciplinary reader demonstrates how widely feminist thinking has spread, how deeply it has shaken settled assumptions in the disciplines and how much new light it throws on contemporary controversies."- Myra Marx Ferree, University of Wisconsin-Madison "A timely intervention and highly engaged, thoughtful and scholarly analysis of the state of gender and women′s studies in the West by three eminent feminist scholars... Highly cognisant of the central issues that have fractured, blocked and enhanced western feminism."- Bev Skeggs, Goldsmiths "The comprehensiveness and the interdisciplinary range of themes are impressive, and they make the Handbook into a wonderful tool for teachers and students of women′s and gender studies." - Nina Lykke, Linkoeping University Gender and women′s studies is one of the most challenging fields within the social sciences - the dynamics of gender relations and the social and cultural implications of gender constructions offer a lively forum of debate. The Handbook of Gender and Women′s Studiespresents a comprehensive and engaging review of the most recent developments within the field, including the study of masculinity, the feminist implications of postmodernism, the ′cultural turn′ and globalization. The authors review current research and offer critical analyses of women′s and gender studies in work, the welfare state, family, education, religion, violence and war and feminist global politics. Edited by three leading academics from Europe and the United States, and with 25 chapters written by scholars based throughout the world, the Handbooksituates the most important debates in the field within a uniquely international and interdisciplinary context. The Handbookis a useful introduction to gender theory and an exciting starting-point for fresh debates.

Latina/o Studies by Frederick Aldama; Christopher Gonzalez

Call Number: JPL 2nd Floor, Reserves E184.S75 A77

Latinx Studies: The Key Concepts is an accessible guide to the central concepts and issues that inform Latinx Studies globally. It summarizes, explains, contextualizes, and assesses key critical concepts, perspectives, developments, and debates in Latinx Studies. At once comprehensive in coverage and detailed and specific in examples analyzed, it provides over 25 key concepts to the field of Latinx Studies as shaped within historical, social, cultural, regional, and global contexts, including: * Body * Border Theory * Digital Era * Familia * Immigration * Intersectionality * Language * Latinidad/es * Latinofuturism * Narco Cultura * Popular Culture * Sports Fully cross-referenced and complete with suggestions for further reading, Latinx Studies: The Key Concepts is an essential guide for anyone studying race, ethnicity, gender, class, education, culture, and globalism.

The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory by Lisa Disch (Editor); Mary Hawkesworth (Editor)

Call Number: E-book

The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory provides a rich overview of the analytical frameworks and theoretical concepts that feminist theorists have developed to analyze the known world. Featuring leading feminist theorists from diverse regions of the globe, this collection delves intoforty-nine subject areas, demonstrating the complexity of feminist challenges to established knowledge, while also engaging areas of contestation within feminist theory.Demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of feminist theory, the chapters offer innovative analyses of topics central to social and political science, cultural studies and humanities, discourses associated with medicine and science, and issues in contemporary critical theory that have beentransformed through feminist theorization. The handbook identifies limitations of key epistemic assumptions that inform traditional scholarship and shows how theorizing from women's and men's lives has profound effects on the conceptualization of central categories, whether the field of analysis isaesthetics, biology, cultural studies, development, economics, film studies, health, history, literature, politics, religion, science studies, sexualities, violence, or war.