Scholarly Publishing

UTSA Libraries provides support to UTSA researchers who are disseminating the results of their scholarly work through one-on-one consultations, workshops, and more.

Selecting a Publisher

Librarians can assist with identifying a journal to publish your work and evaluating journals for quality. Contact your subject librarian to make an appointment or for more information.

Predatory Publishers

Predatory publishers are a relatively new but quickly growing issue in academic publishing, particularly in the sciences. These unethical groups exploit researchers’ need to publish and the Open Access (OA) publishing model in order to make a profit, without providing the necessary peer-review and editorial processes of a legitimate journal.
Some warning signs that you may be dealing with a predatory publisher can include:

  • Little to no information about the editorial and peer-review process provided 
  • Promise of lightning-fast publication time that sounds too good to be true 
  • Limited contact information or a fake address/phone number
  • Website that looks amateurish and unprofessional, with poor layout, typos, flashy ads, etc. 
  • Lack of transparency about fees 
  • ISSN, Impact Factor, and other metrics cannot be verified in reputable databases 
  • Falsely claiming to be indexed in reputable databases

UTSA Libraries can assist you with evaluating a publisher for quality and provide advice on dealing with predatory publishers. For more information, visit the Predatory Publishers Research Guide.
Reach out to your subject librarian for assistance and more information.

Publication Impact

UTSA Libraries can help with locating and interpreting impact factors and other related metrics as well as finding ways to increase the impact of your publications. See the Research Impact Guide for detailed information and guidance or contact your subject librarian with questions.

Runner Research Press

Runner Research Press is an online repository of scholarly and creative work produced at the university that stimulates research, discovery, and learning with the goal of engaging and transforming our diverse communities through open, inclusive access. UTSA researchers can deposit their articles, conference materials, and more. For more information, contact

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